For regular customers, when ordering on the website, a bonus (loyalty) program is available.

Here is an example of how it works:

🧁 You make an order, for example, for 800 UAH.

🧁 A bonus of 10% of the order (delivery cost is not included) is credited to your bonus account, this is 70 UAH.

🧁 With a bonus, you can partially pay for the next order made within a week (the delivery/shipping date of the next order should not necessarily fall in the same week).

🧁 You will see your bonus on the order payment page.

🧁 The activation of the bonus for the next order occurs after the website or our manager marks your current order as paid. Additions to the current order cannot be paid with bonuses. Additions are the orders on the same date and same address.

🧁 Unfortunately, some of our partners’ products, such as “Meetty” or “Rebels” chocolate, are not part of the bonus system. In addition, there are no bonuses for the cost of delivery services.

Finally, a little secret: if your bonuses are about to expire and you don’t crave sweets yet, you can place an order to your phone number and name, but write in a note section that you want the order to be delivered to your friend or relative, thus making them pleasant surprise 😊

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