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Blueberry keto-cupcake

Are your family members fans of berries? Share the love for the blueberry with them! Soft cheese cream with berry tint on a chocolate pastry base would taste great with coffee or peppermint tea.

Chocolate keto-cupcake with blueberry cream

Ingredients and nutrition facts

eggs, almond flour, yogurt 3%, heavy cream 33%, cream cheese, erythritol, butter, coconut flour, stevia extract, baking powder, cocoa powder, blueberry


Carbs: 6.5 g
Protein: 8g
Fat: 25g
Fiber: 1g
Calories: 295 kcal

100 g

Carbs: 6.2g
Protein: 8g
Fat: 24g
Fiber: 1g
Calories: 281 kcal

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Blueberry cupcake, set of 2 pc.
Blueberry cupcake, set of 4 pc.